Stretch Mark Treatment

A lot of women hate having stretch marks but they are a fact of life for almost all women that have children.  Stretch marks can range from very small almost invisible to deep marks that cover large areas.

There is more than one way to treat stretch marks today.  There are natural methods but you can also have stretch marks treated with lasers, surgery and microdermabrasion.

Of all the ways of removing stretch marks on the market today, I would choose one of two options depending on your budget.  For cheap and easy method of stretch mark treatment, I would use a cream like Trilastin.  It takes a couple of months or maybe more depending on how bad your stretch marks are but you can pick the product up for under $80 and that should last you a long time before and after stretch marks treatmentbut that will depend on how big the area is that you are treating.  I used it and found really good results.  The main reason I used it was cost – I just couldn’t afford laser treatments.

If you have the money, laser treatments might be the way to go for you.  Prices are different depending on the clinic and also the size of the area to be treated.  The cost is per treatment and the deeper or larger the stretch marks, the more treatments you will need.  There can be a little bit of pain and swelling but it is not like having surgery.  Your skin will probably get a bit red and tender for a couple of days after each treatment but it is not too bad unless you can’t deal with pain at all.

You can also get some surgeries to get rid of stretch marks but it is not always successful and is really expensive.  Your medical insurance will not cover this kind of surgery so you will have to pay the cost on your own.  Some women that have saggy stomach after having baby like to have abdominoplasty done.  This removes extra skin and muscle from the stomach so that the remain skin is much tighter and not sagging.  You will have a small scar from this surgery and like anytime surgery is involved, there are risks.  If you are interested, you could talk to a plastic surgeon or visit your family doctor who can refer you to doctors in your town that can do this procedure for you.

It is nice that now women have options to deal with their stretch marks.  Most of these choices didn’t exist even ten years ago.  I wonder what will happen in another ten years!

Pick the Safest Creams to Use on Skin

We flick through glossy magazines that feature a range of skin products, some of which we might even be using but has safety of the product even been a consideration? Are you on a never ending hunt for a healthy and rich skin cream that does not cause side effects? Perhaps a lotion treats your skin in the right manner without causing any irritation? There are plenty of brands in the market that can cause skin irritations even on normal skin tones due to the toxic substances they are composed of.

To Consider

Despite the fact that we come across brand names and their attractive advertisements, the end results are observed when a customer uses the product. If cases of consistent itching, boils and ashes breakout then its certain that the product contains high quantity of chemicals. Particularly mercury derivatives, alpha-hydroxy acid and hydroquinone lead to several skin issues and risk liver damage. Hyper pigmentation is a common skin problem faced because of unsafe creams that we apply.

skin cream

If in case you are using skin whitening cream then you should check out for gigawhite and biowhite presence that are the primary ingredients of a skin whitening agent. A lot of clients complain about facing skin problems after using a certain skin cream. The remedy is to check before you buy or resort to homemade remedies where limited use of skin cream is preferred. If you are willing to check out some of the best and safe skin creams here is a list that comprises of products which have a safe label to their use and produce.

1. Aveeno
Positively Ageless Lifting & Firming Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

Available at a price of $19.99, this particular product is a quick absorbing formula that comprises of wheat protein that is known to strengthen skin muscles. Mushroom extract boosts collagen and the product also consists of sunscreen agents that protect the skin against UV damage. You can call it the multi-purpose moisturizer that does not cause skin damage.

2. Neutrogena
Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse Night Cream

Why splash your face with a heavy layer of cream when you can use this product that does not cause any kind of side effect. Known to be a safe product, the light formula contains anti-oxidants like soy that decreases dryness and itches. It is ideally the best night skin cream you can use before you sleep.

3. Canyon Ranch
Your Transformation Brightness Eye Cream

Available at a price of $70, this skin cream is a beloved because it is the ideal under eye de-puffer you can have for enhancing your skin tone. The main purpose of buying this cream would be that it does not lead to side effects and decreases puffiness of the under eye skin. It consists of niacin that reduces dark circles under the eye.

4. Nature’s Gate
Organics Natural Results Acne

We’ve heard plenty of people complain about blemishes, scarring and pimples! So putting aside chemical products, we switch to something which is productive, organic and eco-efficient. This is one useful skin cream that combines the effects of tea tree oil and salicyclic acid to decrease pimples and remove oil accumulations from the skin pores.

5. Dolphin
Organics Hypoallergenic Simply Citrus

This is ideally a recommended body lotion which is non-toxic in nature and form. The lotion has a fantastic aroma of fresh lime that does not leave behind sticky leftovers. Rated number 1 by Skin Deep, the body lotion is perfect for women with tender skin tones.

6. Dove Winter
Care Nourishing Body Lotion

This particular skin cream is popular for being produced by a brand that has won the hearts of plenty of women. Dove has introduced a variety of skin care products that moisturize the skin and nourish the pores. With a rich formula, the intensive care you receive for your skin during winters leaves it soft, supple and smooth.


While picking skin creams that are safe for the skin there are certain standards to follow. Skin creams should be such that they remove blemishes, moisturize and balance the skin tone. Whether you are using a cold cream, sun block or an anti-aging solution, a skin cream should have adequate quantity of natural substances. Anti-oxidants that offer protection against UV rays are essentially in –abundance in most skin creams. To ensure that your skin remains protected, you should choose wisely the right cream that suits your tone.

The Dangers Of Skin Bleaching Creams

Skin bleaching creams are primarily used to treat discolored skin
without permanently changing the color of the skin. Bleaching process is done
mainly to remove skin aging spots, scars, freckles and uneven skin tone. Skin
bleaching creams are a non invasive treatment of such skin related issues and
are generally the first step to treating undesired color of the skin or spots.

Having said enough about skin bleaching creams and their use, it is worth
a mention that these creams are accompanied by some dangers as well. Many
creams consist of ingredients that do not suit all skin types. Two toxic
chemicals viz. Mercury and Hydroquinone are major culprits behind the dangers
of skin bleaching creams. These chemicals have been known to cause several side
effects and shall be used with caution only

Dangers of Hydroquinone

Although Hydroquinone is the only skin bleaching chemical that has found
recognition by the FDA, any cream that contains more than 2% of it may cause dangerous
side effects. The most commonly occurring side effect is burning sensation on
the skin and itching. This itching and reddening may be local to the area of
the skin where cream has been applied.

Allergic Reaction to Skin Bleach

Skin bleaching creams may cause severe allergic reactions on some people.
These allergies may result in itching and burning of the skin. If your skin is
allergic to the bleaching cream, the pain would be much more in intensity than
the normal irritation which is expected on application of a bleaching agent. It
is recommended that the use of that bleaching cream be discontinued immediately
and a medical intervention be sought as soon as possible. However, if the
reaction is not very severe, you can expect it to die down in intensity in a
few hours and completely disappear in a few days.

bleaching dangerous results

Dangers of Mercury

Use of skin bleaching creams that contain mercury is not recommended for
a continued period of time. Mercury, if used for long, can cause poisoning and
it can also begin accumulating in the cells of the body. Severe poisoning and
exposure can even lead to serious conditions such as kidney and liver damage.

Sun Ray Exposure

Exposing bleached skin to the sun can result in a disaster. Since
Hydroquinone and Mercury cause skin to become sensitive to rays of the sun, it
is wise to stay out of the sun after bleach. In case it cannot be avoided, wear
adequate protective clothing and an SPF 15+ sunscreen. Avoid tanning beds or
sun lamps for sometime after using bleaching cream

Peroxide Precautions

A skin bleach is usually followed by some other treatment of the skin. Do
not use Hydrogen Peroxide, Benzoyl Peroxide or any other peroxide product after
Hydroquinone containing bleaching cream or else it can lead to dangerous
reactions on the skin such as dark stains on the skin

Dangers for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Breastfeeding and pregnant women should stay away from bleaching creams
as the toxic substances can travel to the fetus through the mothers

It goes without saying that proper care should be taken while using
bleaching creams. It is wise not to apply cream on the entire area that is
desired to be bleached; instead a small portion of the skin should be tested
for any reactions first. Follow the instructions and if possible, consult a veteran
before using a bleaching cream to ensure safe use.

What Are Skin Bleaching Creams?

Skin bleaching creams, also called skin lighteners, or whiteners, are creams made of substances that lighten the skin color by reducing melanin. The amount of melanin you have is determined mainly by your genetic make up, such that the more melanin you have, the darker your skin is. Other factors such as hormones, exposure to sunlight, and exposure to some chemicals, can also affect how much melanin your skin produces.

Many people around the world use skin bleaching creams to treat various skin problems, ranging from acne scars, to age spots, to localized dark patches, like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma. Some people who are naturally dark-skinned also lighten their skin using bleaching creams. These creams can either be bought as either prescription drugs, or over the counter creams. The ones that are easily accessible over the counter are unregulated and can be very risky to use.

skin bleaching

What are Skin Bleaching Creams Made Of?

Bleaching creams can contain one or multiple active ingredients, which reduce melanin pigment when applied on the skin. Some of these ingredients are more effective than others, which explains why some lighteners work, while others don’t.

Hydroquinone is the most common active ingredient in many skin lighteners. In the US, hyroquinone is regulated by the FDA, and you can only buy a bleaching cream containing up to 2% hydroquinone over the counter. Depending on your skin problem, your dermatologist can prescribe for you a lightener with up to 4% hydroquinone.

Other ingredients used in lighteners include topical retinoids, steroids, kojic acid, arbutin and mercury. It is worth noting that mercury is a very toxic agent, which has the potential of causing serious side effects, including mercury poisoning, as well as kidney, neurological and mental problems. It can also be passed from the mother to her unborn child, so pregnant women should stay away from any skin lighteners containing mercury.

What are the Risks Associated with Using Bleaching Creams?

The risks of using a whitening cream depends mainly on which active ingredient it is made of, the concentration, the size of area it is applied, as well as, how long it is used. The most significant risk is the possibility of getting exposed to mercury, which is very toxic and can lead to numerous health problems as you’ve read above. Long-term application can also cause the darkening of your nails and skin. This s caused by mercury being deposited in your dermis, epidermis and hair follicles.

Hydroquinone, when used for more than six months, can also cause serious risks to your skin. The main risk that comes with prolonged use is the development of exogenous ochronosis, an untreatable blue-black stain on the skin and nails, which is caused by a deep deposition of the pigment in the skin.

Steroids may also cause skin thinning, poor wound healing, increased risk of skin infections and acne. In addition, long-term use on large areas of the body, can put you at risk of developing various health problems caused by its absorption into the body.

Before buying any skin bleaching cream, always ask your doctor about it first, to be sure that it’s safe and won’t cause undesirable side effects on your skin.